Our Mission

Armada Properties strives towards providing a complete real estate asset management service that protects, safeguards, maintains and manages a property to the fullest satisfaction of the investor and the tenant. As our ultimate mission is adding value to the property we manage, therefore our most crucial task is taking care of every detail. We provide superior property management services to those in the Northern Colorado area with our intention to preserve and improve the quality of living at the properties we manage.

Who are we?

Armada Properties is an extension of Armada Holdings which has been providing an unparalleled level of service to our residents and investors through independent property management since 1995. Because of the ongoing success between Armada Holdings and our associates, we recently decided to extend our professional and innovative management services to the Northern Colorado area.

What do we do?

We offer a wide variety of administrative services:

  • Fee-Based Asset Management
  • Commercial Real Estate Marketing
  • Residential Rental Opportunities
  • Investment Strategies

Our Goal:

Armada Properties is dedicated to providing superior service that has been lacking in the Northern Colorado area.

Our Focus:

Armada Properties focuses on managing the real estate assets and investment goals of income property investors in the Northern Colorado region while at the same time helping tenants feel completely safe and secure in their home. We love the Colorado community and understand how vital property management is to the development of a prosperous Colorado market. In fact, we place great importance on maximizing the Internal Rate of Return on any real estate investment and have designed specific techniques that increase revenue, control expenses, and keep tenants happy. To our way of thinking, property management should be a win/win situation for everyone, so we go to great lengths to ensure there is a positive outcome for every tenant and investor situation.

Our Clients:

We work closely with a wide range of clients seeking better returns: multifamily investors, developers, and small business owners wanting to relocate to one of the top 10 “Best Places to Live.” Regardless of the situation or dilemma we see that it is resolved promptly and efficiently with care and attention keeping owners and tenants happy.

Our Guarantee:

Through our outstanding customer service, knowledgeable and hardworking staff, we guarantee satisfaction. As an experienced company dedicated to providing reliable and innovative services to all those looking to invest, relocate or outsource management, we focus on helping owners and tenants reach their goals. With over 18 years of experience, we guarantee to implement a property management plan using proven strategies tailored specifically to each Property owner or tenant’s requirements. Plus our unrelenting commitment to proven results gives us a significant edge over other property management companies.

Our Reputation:

With over 15 years of experience in the Northern Colorado area, our reputation and record of performance confirms that we understand the needs and desires of future renters and match them with great success.

Our customer service in rental property management goes above and beyond the traditional level of service and is supported by the long-term relationships we have made with our tenants. As an example, we currently have several 20-year residents living with us at our largest and most noteworthy property, Lakemont Place Apartments.

This proves our outstanding:

  • ability to identify a customer’s needs
  • ongoing attention to detail
  • continued tenant appreciation efforts

At Armada Properties, you will always find a friendly staff member eager to handle your property management needs in a prompt, respectful manner.

Our Commercial Services

Armada Properties offers commercial services for:

retail facilities
office space
industrial locations
Multi-Family Dwellings
We will always have the right commercial property available for you or we search until we find it!

We offer exceptional services to our commercial properties that exceeds any current services extended in the Northern Colorado area to help assist in the development of a stable, solid company that will become a staple in our community.

Some complimentary services include:

  • Always responding promptly to any request made by a commercial renter
  • Making ourselves available to offer marketing ideas
  • Collaborating on business strategies
  • Developing outreach opportunities to increase company awareness

We are dedicated to helping build the Northern Colorado community as well as supporting vital businesses that are an integral part of the local economy.

We will do for you what others simply won’t!