Refer AND Retain Your Clients
Armada Property Management is offering an exclusive referral program that allows brokers to make money AND retain their clients.
There are two referral options:

  1. 10% of 1st month’s rent up to $300 for any property a broker refers to us that signs a one year management contract. Cash in hand to broker.
  2. 10% of 1st month’s rent up to $300 in the form of a gift certificate that you can give your client after they sign with us to ensure another point of contact.
Both options come with our…


We guarantee to contact you, the referring broker, when we are notified by the owner that they intend to sell the property, within 2 business days. This allows you to get in front of your client right away to secure the listing.

Why is this so important?

We recently received an advertisement from a well-respected, local property management office that indicated 95% of their owners sell through them.

Why refer to a management company that will turn around and take your business? We do not sell real estate, we manage investment real estate. We believe in focusing our expertise in one area and feel that both selling and renting by the same company can be counterproductive.

Stop throwing your clients to the wind, start referring them to us.