Armada Properties offers a fleet of Real Estate Services and proven strategies to meet your investment goals and objectives.

Armada Properties is a pioneering property management company that takes an entirely different approach to property management. We do not sell real estate; we focus on managing the real estate assets and investment goals of income property investors. Because we are also real estate investors, we recognize how challenging and difficult it is to manage a property effectively while at the same maximizing the Internal Rate of Return on your real estate investment.

Over the years, we have developed strategies and techniques for increasing revenue, controlling expenses, and keeping tenants happy, which keeps your property running smoothly while maximizing your return.

Property Management is the business of managing every penny, as property management requires constant but subtle changes, tweaking every facet of a property’s operation to assure that you capture and squeeze the value out of every expense.

On average every dollar added to the bottom line increases the value of your asset by 14 times that same amount. For example by increasing cash-flows for the year by just $5,000 you will have increased the appraised value of your property by approximately $71,000 (based on an average cap rate of 7% the average in 2010-2011).

How Will Armada Properties Increase Your Real Estate Asset Value?

First, we establish your investment objectives for each of your investment properties. Then, we evaluate each property to determine its strengths and weaknesses followed by creating a plan to meet your investment goals. In essence, we do whatever is necessary to meet your investment needs and solve your problems.

Because we are owners of investment real estate, we realize that every real estate investment is unique and often requires an equally unique management plan. In other words, if you truly want to maximize the return on your asset, there is no one size fits all approach, as many of our competitors implement!

We Help Owners of Investment Properties Reach Their Goals

We are a full service management firm, with a focus on helping owners of investment properties reach their goals, whether the goal is a long term hold with cash-flow as the primary goal, a fix & flip opportunity, or simply the preparing of a property for sale towards the end of your investment to maximize the sales price. Again we achieve this by implementing and applying property management strategies specific to each owner’s goals and service requirements.

We understand how and why every penny added to the bottom line on an annual basis increases the value of your property. Ultimately, it is our intention to make sure that every decision we make, impacts your bottom line, thus increasing your assets value. The strategy of waiting until the year you want to sell your property to bring rents up to market levels and taking care of differing maintenance is fraught with nothing but problems and will cost you dearly at the time of sale.

What Services Are Included in Your Management Fee?

Property Owner Services:

  • Service-Oriented Fee-Based Management
  • Marketing & Investment Strategies
  • Real-Time Accounting
  • Instant Financial Reporting
  • Dozens Of Reports Available For Your Convenience
  • Effective Rent Collection
  • Direct Work Order Requests
  • Innovative Online Software Is Directly Integrated Into Our Website
  • In-House Repair And Maintenance Of Properties
  • Guaranteed Reduction Of Outsource Billing
  • In-House Cleaning
  • Move-Out & Move-In Inspections
  • Leasing
  • Evictions
  • Major And Minor Updates & Remodels
  • Construction & Project Management
  • Professional, Friendly Service

We provide and accept responsibility for a fleet of services, for both our property owner clients and our tenants, via our in house staff. Our staff is highly trained, certified or licensed where need be, and always updating their skills and education. This allows us to perform almost 100% of all property management needs in-house, which gives us greater control over our managed properties and insures the highest level of service consistently to our clients, the property owners and our customers, the tenants.

Our business model also gives us greater control over our costs, allowing us to pass the savings on to the property owner. As we strive to keep our overhead low, we stay current with technology, which allows us to do more with less. Plus we only buy what we need to service our client’s properties.

We provide a complete asset management service for our clients and their properties:

  • protecting
  • safeguarding
  • maintaining
  • managing

Alleviating the stress of:

  • tenant placement
  • property inspections
  • rent collections
  • income and expense management
  • tenant evictions
  • credit screening
  • rule & policy enforcement
  • compliance with all federal and state fair housing laws and regulations

Why Should I Choose Armada Properties over the Competition?

With over 18 years of experience in property management and real estate investing in Northern Colorado, combined with professional customer service, an unrelenting commitment to improving our client’s asset value, coupled with our proven management results, we have a significant edge over other property management companies.

We believe it is essential to stay consistent and in regular communication with property owners, so we have an open door and an open book policy. All owners have access to their account and property information 24/7 via our highly secure, cloud-based accounting service.

Our property management services are a great fit for multifamily properties from 5 – 150 units of A-, B, & C, class quality, plus we will take on D quality with the goal of moving up a class. We will also consider portfolios of smaller properties that are within close proximity to one another; (i.e. two four plexes or three duplexes next to each other)

Armada Property Management also has extensive experience managing, owning, and developing industrial and office properties, including tenant finish, complete updates and remodels.

Fees are based on property size and the scope of work required up front and ranges between 6% -10% of gross revenues, with negotiated incentives to reduce costs.

Our Property Management Staff

Our property managers are full-time managers that do not sell real estate.

Why is this important? As the saying goes; “No one is able to serve two masters, for he will either hate the one or love the other.”

The real estate sales market is extremely competitive and real estate sales and management have the same licensing requirements here in Colorado. Although property management and leasing is very different from sales, a real estate license allows agents to do either – or both if desired. Many sales agents have made the decision to supplement their sales income by small-scale rental management and leasing.

As a landlord, dealing with someone who is only managing 5, 10, or 20 units, it might sound like a good idea until you understand the differences between part-time property managers and the kind offered at Armada Properties.

The same is true with Property Management companies that sell real estate. In most cases, they really want to manage when you choose to sell the property. A property management company such as this is not a good idea because they make more money selling than managing and tend to lose focus on the core business of property management, and what’s best for the investor, particularly when distracted by visions of large commission checks.

We specialize in serving only one master. You will benefit significantly from a specialized company focused on property management and investment without the distractions of chasing a quick buck by selling real estate. The investor is without question in your best interest.

Our property managers devote a tremendous amount of time and energy towards staying current on rental laws and court practices and participate in their respective property management councils and other professional organizations.

Our managers are current on:

  • fair housing laws
  • lead based paint disclosure and testing requirements
  • mold remediation and case law
  • asbestos
  • section 8 housing subsidies
  • a myriad of other issues affecting landlords.

Most fair housing cases stem from rental situations. You never know when a well-meaning but inexperienced or under-educated sales agent and their landlord-client will be defendants in a fair housing case. This is very serious and court judgments can be in the 100’s of thousands of dollars.

How Can You Get Started?

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